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(Baroda Township)
Michigan USA
Jurisdiction:  Baroda Township
Status: Abandoned/Moved
Location:  Blackmun Farm
Nelson Schultz approached Mr. And Mrs. Victor Reisig in 1972, when they were transcribing the cemeteries in Baroda Township for the Berrien County Genealogical Society.  Mr. Schultz informed them of an abandoned burial ground on the pioneer Blackmun farm, which was operated from 1841 to 1919.  The property was owned at the time by August Skala since 1949.  In checking further, it was learned that the area had been under the plow but that Harold C. Blackmun, a grandson of Ruel & Urdelia Blackmun, had removed the one remaining stone.  When contacted, Harold C. Blackmun said that the marker was transferred to the Blackmun plot in Hinman Cemetery.  This marker was for a boy, Francis Blackmun who was born on February 29, 1844 and died on February 19, 1845.  Other family members in the Blackmun plot at Hinman Cemetery include, Fred A., Mable C., Frances, Francis, Harriet E., Melvin E., Ruel and Urdelia A. Blackmun.
Written By Chriss Lyon