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(Buchanan Township)
Section 3
Michigan USA
Jurisdiction:  Buchanan Township Section 3
Status:  Inactive
Location:  North Main Road, One Mile North of Little Glendora Road on Private Property
Cemetery Governing Body:  Buchanan Township
Location of Cemetery Records:  None
Size:   0.4 acres
While our nation felt the effects of terrorism first hand on September 11, 2001, Cindy L. (Skiles) Frie and Marge (Hess) Yetzke of the Berrien County Genealogical Society visited Colvin Cemetery.  Although no stones were found in 1980, Cindy and Marge managed to find one stone buried in the ground and there may be more.  Poison Ivy hindered much of the searching but it appeared as if the name on the stone was that of John Colvin.  This was a private family cemetery and the first landowner was A. ColvinWanda Lolmaugh currently owns the property.
 Written By Chriss Lyon