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(Watervliet Township)
Section 24
Michigan USA
Jurisdiction:  Watervliet Township Section 24
Established:  1953
Status:  Active
Location:  Red Arrow Highway at County Line Road
Cemetery Governing Body:  Watervliet Township
Location of Cemetery Records: 
Fairview Memorial Cemetery is the newest of the Watervliet cemeteries, with the first burial of Mary O’Neil on May 30, 1953.   There is a short white rail fence across the front and the office and maintenance building are in front.  David Savage and Jean Bachman, of the Berrien County Genealogical Society transcribed the cemetery in 1980 and at the time, there were 66 burials.  They found that the first sexton’s book was lost which included burial information from 1840 to June of 1882.
 Written By Rosetta F. (Tunis) Nybro