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(Oronoko Township)
Section 7
Michigan USA
Jurisdiction:  Oronoko Township Section 7
Status: BCGS Cemetery Records updated July 31, 2007.
Location:  North Side of Hinchman Road, Three Quarters Mile East of Singer Lake Road
Cemetery Governing Body:  Oronoko Township
Feather Cemetery is listed as being active even though it appears from headstone readings that the last burial was that of Mary Ann (Feather) Harner in 1930 and her husband, William H. Harner in 1928.   From the headstone readings, around 60 people were buried at Feather Cemetery and approximately 30 of them have the surname of Feather.
The first Feather to arrive in Berrien County was Joseph Feather in 1832. He arrived with the family of Henry FreedJoseph wanted to marry Henry’s daughter Anna, but the only way Henry would allow it was if Joseph were to move with them from their home in eastern Pennsylvania to Michigan.  Joseph Feather made the move, and he and Anna Freed were married.  Following later were Joshua and Mary Feather who came to Michigan in 1836. 
Written By David Barricklow