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(Three Oaks Township)
Michigan USA
Jurisdiction:  Three Oaks Township
Status: BCGS Cemetery Records include information up to April 30, 2008
Location:  Forest Lawn Road West of Three Oaks Road
Cemetery Governing Body:  Three Oaks Township
Location of Cemetery Records:  
Forest Lawn Cemetery is the final resting spot for two of Three Oaks’ political nobles.  From the Political
“Henry Chamberlain (1824-1907) of Three Oaks, Michigan.  Brother of Mellen Chamberlain and William Chamberlain.  Born March 17, 1824. Democrat.  Candidate for Governor of Michigan, 1874; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Michigan, 1876, 1896.  Died February 9, 1907.  Interment at Forest Lawn Cemetery.”
“Charles K. Warren (1871-1932) of Three Oaks, Michigan.  Born in Three Oaks, Michigan, July 17, 1871.  Republican.  Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Michigan, 1908; Presidential Elector for Michigan, 1920.  Died August 10, 1932.  Interment at Forest Lawn Cemetery.”
 Written By Chriss Lyon


Forest Lawn Cemetery Sign