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(Bainbridge Township)
Section 5
Michigan USA
Jurisdiction:  Bainbridge Township Section 5
Established:  1847
Status:  Inactive.  BCGS Cemetery Records updated  October 24, 2011.
Location:  West side of Friday Road between Carmody Road and Hill Road
Cemetery Governing Body:  Privately owned by Richard and Diane Janke
Location of Cemetery Records:  Richard and Diane Janke residence
Size: 1 acre 
Peter Kniebes created this private cemetery in 1847 on the southeast corner of his property.  The first burial was Louisa Kniebes on August 18, 1848. 
Also buried in Kniebes Cemetery is Mr. Louis Umphrey who is written about in “Trails From Shingle Diggin’s” by Mabel Branch Stark:
An interesting incident occurred at the time of Mr. Louis Umphrey’s death.  A deer had become a pet around the Umphrey farm.  On the day of Mr. Umphrey’s funeral, the deer walked in the procession to the burial lot, and for the two following nights, was found sleeping on the grave.  Then the deer disappeared and never returned.”
 By Marge (Hess) Yetzke
Kniebes Cemetery Sign