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(Buchanan Township)
Section 24
Michigan USA
Jurisdiction:  Buchanan Township Section 24
Established:  June 12, 1832
Status:  Inactive
Location:  Mead Road East of East River Road on Private Property
Cemetery Governing Body:  Buchanan Township
Size:  22 ½ acres
On June 12, 1832, the United States Government sold 49 acres of land to Joseph Stephens and William Broadhurst in Section 25, Township 7, South Range 18.  This property once bordered Range Line Road, the current home of Stacy Nichols.  She possesses a deed of the property, which shows the cemetery location on it, and she remembers that some of the original stones dated back to the 1700’s.   On September 12, 2001, Cindy L. (Skiles) Frie and Marge (Hess) Yetzke of the Berrien County Genealogical Society visited the cemetery and recorded several stones, including that of William BroadhurstWilliam Broadhurst wasn’t only the first owner of the property, but he also platted the town of Benton, just east of the St. Joseph River on what is now East River Road.  The town never settled although a hotel was reportedly constructed there at one point.  The histories of land transactions are:        
            June 12, 1832                      William Broadhurst & Joseph Stephens
            February 10, 1836               George W. Hoffman
            January 10, 1839                 Henry B. Hoffman
            January 12, 1844                 John T. Schoolcraft          
            March 10, 1845                    John F. Taylor (Hall)
            March 20, 1857                    Abraham H. Bunker
            October 31, 1859                 Abraham H. Bunker
            December 24, 1859             Lorenzo P. Alexander
            September 24, 1867            Denison S. Bronson
On March 10, 1902. Caleb J. Ingersoll (Ingalls) filed a Quit Claim Deed on the property but on June 2, 1930, there was a court case that voided the original land sale.  The Graves Atlas listed 22 ½ acres for the cemetery on April 19, 1902.
Written By Chriss Lyon